How We Work...


We arrive about 30 minutes early to get shots of the Bride and Groom getting ready.
That is where, my partner & I split up. Evelyn goes with the Bride as she lives her Special Day, while I hang out with the guys documenting their antics. We follow our coverage getting the processions to the ceremony. We cover the Ceremony from TWO ANGLES, getting excellent coverage of both the Bride & Groom. Then, the Recessional. We USUALLY take a few minutes to gather up all the friends and family for some group shots right after this. Then we get your Grand Entrance. We cover ALL of the activities, like the cake cutting, flower & garter toss. Anything you want...we will get for sure. Never be afraid to ask us to take a specific photo. We love it. Sometime during a lull in the Reception, we will steal the Bride and Groom away to take some serious Portraits. Time permitting, we cover the exit. Then, in less than 5 hours, your proofs will be online to see. Within 3 Business Days you will receive (Priority Mail) a Flash Drive with all of your edited photos to use as you wish.
We require a $100 deposit upon contract signing. The balance to be paid at or before the Ceremony.
Cash, Check, Money Order, All major Credit Cards accepted.

But, that is just an example of how it works.
We are EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE and roll smoothly with Changes.
This is YOUR DAY and however you want it, that is how you will have it.