On-location Portraits

We Now Offer Mini Sessions

20 Minutes   $29.95

40 Minutes   $49.95

60 Minutes   $69.95

At the Location of Your Choice.

25 Years Experience

How it Works...

Philip & Evelyn Schmitten will meet you at the location of your choice, within the local area, and photograph you in unlimited poses and exposures for up to an hour session.

Then within three business days, you will receive a Flash Drive with All of the Edited Photos of the Session at full resolution to use as you wish.

Total Fee for an Hour Session & Flash Drive $`69.95

Christmas Cards & More...

A 20-Minute Photo Session at my location in Groveton.
Same-day posting on our secure website
Next day delivery of a Flash Drive with ALL Edited Photos.

Your Choice of Twenty 4 X 8 Photo Christmas Cards or Twenty 4 X 6 Photos.

Optional Print Packages

$12.00  Bronze Package

$25.00 Silver Package

$45.00  Gold Package

$70 Platinum Package

Two 4 X 6 Prints

4 Wallets

Two 5 X 7 Prints

Two 4 X 6 Prints

4 Wallets

Two 8 X 10 Prints

Two 5 X 7 Prints

Two 4 X 6 Prints

8 Wallets

One 11 X 14 Print

Two 8 X 10 Prints

Two 5 X 7 Prints

Four 4 X 6 Prints

8 Wallets

Class of '23 Senior Special $149.00

Fall Senior Special  $99.95

One 8 X 10
2-5 X 7
4-4 X 6
Includes 30 Minute Mini Session

30 Minute Portrait Session at the local location of your choice.

Same-day Online Gallery of proofs

3-Day Delivery of All Edited Photos on a Flash Drive.

10 Graduation Announcements & Envelopes.

Poses may be combined in packages, EXCEPT for Wallets. They need to be the same.

Greeting Cards With Photos

Graduation Announcements, Anniversary Invites, Christmas and ANY REASON for sending a Beautiful Photo Greeting Card. These are not flimsy Photo Paper Cards, these are made from CARD STOCK. Any Message you want Can Be Put On the Card. Includes Envelopes.

Price for any  4 X 8 Photo Greeting Card is 99 Cents each, sold in groups of 10.