• Philip Schmitten

Why Just 4 Hours?

Updated: Sep 2

We offer 4 Hours of Photography simply because 99% of Weddings/Receptions only last 4 Hours. We cover the preparation of both the Bride & Groom (a benefit of having two photographers) and the Processional, of course and then at the Altar we cover from both the Bride's & Groom's Vantage Points, instead of just one side of the story. Then the Dismissal and the entrance to the reception after we take all the family group shots. Then the Reception with the Cake-cutting, Toasts, Garter-tossing, Wreath tossing and the dancing. BOOM, it's all over and folks are starting to drift away and there is no need to charge you for just sitting around. If you absolutely need more than 4 hours, we can discuss it. We're just trying to save you some money. Don't, for a second, think that because we don't charge much that we are rookies. We offer over 30 years experience with Wedding Photography. I personally just don't believe you should pay thousands of dollars to have professional photography done.

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